Search and Rescue

Helicopter Search and Rescue is a highly specialised service, performed in the most challenging circumstances by highly trained professionals. People lost, in distress or in imminent danger in hard to reach terrains post a great challenge to ground rescue efforts in both reachability & time. Helicopter search & rescue provides the most efficient solution to these problems. At Senok Air our Airbus H125 (AS350 b3) helicopters known for its enhanced maneuverability and speed makes it an excellent choice these daring missions. Especially at the hands of our ex military pilots with years of experience flying over Sri Lanka’s varied terrain, and navigating its uniquely diverse tropical weather conditions.

Rescue Fleet

With the objective of offering you fast and flexible emergency services, we operate two versatile state of the art Airbus H125 (AS350 b3) helicopters manufactured in France. These helicopters are known for their enhanced maneuverability and speed making them the preferred choice of many rescue services and law enforcement authorities around the world.
Another unique feature of these aircrafts is that are multi-purpose and reconfigurable with ease for various mission types. With wide cabin space and panoramic view these aircrafts provide the widest visibility ideal for search and rescue missions in Sri Lanka.

Aircraft Safety

At Senok Air, we have our own in house maintenance facility located in our new hangar at Colombo Airport Ratmalana . Our fleet is serviced there around the clock 7 days a week by our engineering team consists of highly qualified factory trained technicians that takes pride in their work in the areas of safety, reliability, and responsiveness. Our engineers and maintenance technicians, who are among the most experienced and highly trained in the aviation industry. Talent counting over 100 years of combine experience both in military and civil organizations.

Landing Zone Safety

One of the main advantages of using helicopters for emergency services is its capability to land at makeshift landing zones in an emergency. However, this too requires precision planning and control to ensure the safety of both the aircraft as well as the surrounding areas. Therefore our flights are carefully coordinated and planned with our ground safety officers constantly monitors the location of the helicopters while in flight and coordinate the landing zone preparation prior to the arrival of the aircraft.