Medical Evacuation

Disaster can strike at any moment and often when least expected and under prepared, putting lives at risk in potentially remote areas. These moments require prompt action from first respondents with the right tools to save lives. A helicopter is the fastest and most flexible vehicle to access remote, hard to reach terrains making it the most suited first respondents commute to an emergency evacuation in Sri Lanka. Further, the experience and the expertise of the medical crew armed with the best emergency treatment equipment can make the difference in saving a life. These are the services & expertise Senok Air brings to our customers as the pioneer air medical service in Sri Lanka.

Service Areas

Senok Air medical evacuation services offers a wide array of emergency care options. While Air Ambulance medical evacuations and search & rescue missions remain our top sought after services, we also help customers pre-plan and prepare for events that may potentially require emergency services based on terrain or nature of the event. Furthermore, our services extend beyond mere air transports with support teams that coordinate air & ground communication to ensure the best patient care.

Our team, having done over 300 evacuations in the past 11 years, have build excellent rapports with emergency care units across all main hospitals as well as with Airport & Aviation Authorities in Sri Lanka. Through these interactions we have earned the trust and respect of these institutions to be a responsible & safe air emergency service provider. All of which sums up for Senok Air to be the best emergency air service with the best emergency care network at our disposal to offer our customers the best in care.

Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance services provides the transport of patients from an emergency location or a remote hospital to a more advanced hospital equipped treat a critical patient. A service of this nature is critical to a place like Sri Lanka whether the better rated & facilitated hospitals are concentrated around a handful of major cities. Our helicopters equipped with modern electro medical equipment certified for aeronautical use and our medical crew are highly trained in intensive care is the ideal link from a remote location to these city hospitals.

Inter Hospital Transfer

We partner with leading hospitals in Colombo and other major cities to offer you a choice of hospital during an emergency transfer of a patient from a lesser remote hospital to a better medical facility. Inter-hospital transfers may often require a ground transport element to get the patient to the closest helicopter landing zone from the remote hospital location. Our experienced crew are well trained to coordinate this critical element so that the patient is continually looked after with utmost care throughout the process.